Handmade Furniture Manufacturing Process

Handmade furniture manufacture is quite a meticulous production process, from the sketch to the assembly in the customer’s house, where every detail is taken into account to achieve the total satisfaction of our craftsmen and above all of our client. Below we detail the main steps of the manufacturing process, although each piece of furniture, by its nature, can take a different process.

Step 1


We design the furniture according to the explanations, tastes and needs of the client who requests our services to make a quote.

Once the quotation has been accepted, we move to the customer’s home to take the exact measurements of the location of the furniture (height, width, depth, if there are pillars, socket holes, etc…).


Already with the exact furniture design and measurements, it is passed to the adjustment table to remove the pattern from the furniture.

The measurements of the boards, wood, mouldings and other components are removed.

We proceed to the sawing machine where the wood is cut according to the patterns.

With the Tupi machine, the mouldings and other recesses are made and the Labrante machine takes them out square.

Belt Sander

The pieces are transferred to the belt sander to sand all the impurities in the pieces.

Step 2

Sides and Panels

All sides and panels are removed with the circular and with the tarugar machine all the holes are opened.

Afterwards, all the boards and wood are glued together with the spittoon.

The furniture is then assembled and the doors, drawers, shoemakers, and other accessories that the furniture carries are manufactured.

If any piece is carved, it is done with the mallet and gouge.

Step 3


For the legs if they are turned, take the wood and turn with the lathe, if on the other hand it is a leg with some form, take the solid wood and make a drawing, then cut with the saw and sandpaper to leave it smooth.

Client View and Choice of Colour

Once all the pieces that make up the furniture are finished and assembled to check that all the pieces fit perfectly. (Drawers, doors, pull-outs, etc…) The client is called upon to view the finished furniture and for the client to choose the desired colour for it. You are given several color samples according to your preferences and choose which one you want.

Step 4


The furniture is then removed and transferred to the varnish area.

In the varnish booth, the ink is applied to take on the shade chosen by the customer.


It is then given polyurethane, which is the material that covers the pores of the wood.


Go to the sanding area where all the pieces are sanded to leave them thin and sharp.

Finished Varnish

It goes back to the varnish booth where it is given the finishing that is the finish of the furniture to give it the shine.

Step 5


Afterwards, the furniture passes to the hardware area, where hinges, handles, glass in short, any complement to the furniture.


It is finally loaded in the truck to be transported to the customer’s home where it is finally unloaded and assembled.

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