7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Wood Furniture

Furniture, along with other decorative home accessories, make up the image that you transmit from your home and also your personality, as the style of furniture is usually according to your taste. To take good care of your furniture, we advise you to follow these 7 tips. Go to the next page to get to know them, don’t miss any!

7 Tips About Caring For Wood Furniture:

1) Use ammonia-free products

Read the labels on furniture cleaning products and make sure they are free of ammonia. Even if it is a product suitable for furniture, ammonia will eventually deteriorate the furniture, and gradually remove its brightness and colour. Whenever possible, choose natural non-abrasive products.

2) Clean your furniture every day

Even if it seems obvious, not everyone dusts their furniture every day. It doesn’t require much effort, just wipe your furniture with a dry cloth to remove the dust that accumulates every day.

3) Shine your furniture with wax paste

The best way to protect your furniture is to apply quality wax paste at least once a week, after dusting it. Over the years, your furniture will still retain its original look.

4) Protect your furniture from light and air

The surface of the furniture can easily deteriorate if it is exposed to direct sunlight or exposed to air conditioning currents. Protect your furniture by placing curtains on windows and away from direct exposure to air conditioning.

5) Clean stains as soon as possible

It is very important to polish the furniture so that it retains its original color and shine, but it is also important to take care of the spills that may occur on them. If this happens, you should clean them immediately with a dry cloth, if you let them dry you run the risk of the surface absorbing the substance and getting stained.

6) Do not support hot containers

It is necessary to place clothes or accessories to support pots or hot items on the furniture, otherwise they will be marked. Unless you sand the damaged surface and repaint the furniture, there will be no way to remove stains.

7) Cover the base of the furniture as you move it from place to place

Take care of the furniture base properly when moving it around, you must place carpet debris on either the entire surface that will be in contact with the floor or the ends. This way you will avoid damaging or scratching them when you move them in case you have to do so if you want to change them.

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