All About Furniture for Your Home

A home is where happiness is. Every home is a place which encloses happiness, sadness, betrayal, friendship, sorrow, love, kindness etc. Every person wants to create a pleasant atmosphere at home. For such purposes the furniture exists. A home with no furniture is not considered to be a home. It is used to store things and can be a product of design. Many people invest a huge fortune in purchasing perfect and best furniture which stand for years. The better the quality of the furniture is, the more years it survives. Hence, instead of investing in a cheap furniture and come back the next year for a new piece, it is better to invest in a good furniture or even renovate a very old one. After all if the quality of wood is excellent your time and efforts would never be wasted. Furniture at home speaks a lot about the people living in this house. It tells how classy and elegant they are. It is also important as how people take care of their furniture now and then. Polishing them occasionally will help prevent it from becoming old. For purchasing the perfect furniture for home it is better to сhoose a family run companies. The statistics shows that they take a better care for their products and services than commercial business companies. One of the popular furniture companies that has been working for years is the Ashford Furniture Company.

About Ashford Furniture Company

Ashford is an old company which is a family owned business with two large and inspiring showrooms in Ashford, Middlesex and Farnham Common. The firm serves dedicatedly and remains as a true and loyal company that people can rely on. Their main objective is to serve people with the best furniture possible. They always keep up with high standards and pay utmost attention to people’s needs and desires. They also provide complete design and installation of bedrooms, kitchens, home offices using high quality cabinetry from British manufacturers. They have been serving people since 1984. In 1984, it was hard to find money to start a business, but today it’s much easier because the amount you need can be earned even online with a forex broker. Now that the company has grown drastically; their main concentration is on quality service and on time delivery. They are working together as a family business with the company founded by Richard and Tracey. It was further taken care of by Richard and Tracy’s son Stephen followed by his wife Grace and their brother in law, Guy. In 2014, they opened the second showroom in Farnham Common.

Focus of Ashford Furniture

The Ashford furniture company makes sure they deliver quality service to their customers. They have well trained and experienced personnel who do their work efficiently and timely. Their main focus is on customer satisfaction overall. Delivering and Installing kitchen and furniture fittings are done timely and stress-free for the customers. They have a set of exceptionally knowledgeable personnel who can take care of fittings, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, gas, flooring and plastering. People can visit their website to read testimonials on their service as well.

They have done several thousands of installations in and around the local area. They are focused on customer well-being. Their customers receive the best service possible, and are happy from the moment they stepped into the showroom.